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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWelcome to Pointman Leadership Institute (PLI). My name is Del Walinga and I serve as the Executive Director. I trust you will find our website useful and informative.

Since 1994 our qualified instructor teams have impacted leaders at all levels of service around the world. The principles of effective leadership apply regardless of the institutional environment or number of personnel. Two of the seminar workshops PLI provides; Leadership Development (our basic and introductory course) and Corruption Identification (typically our follow up seminar) have helped those in public service, government, military, business, education and non-profit organizations in over 70 countries.

With surveys consistently identifying issues of ethical behavior, the potential for corruption, and the risk of increasing liability as areas of growing concern, PLI instructors present the curriculum to address the core of all leadership and followership, which is character. PLI Course attendees indicate that they appreciate the clear connection between supportive character traits and powerful leadership principles that encourage their reasoning and self-selection rather than being force-fed.

Pointman Leadership Institute seminars offer attendees an opportunity to identify and affirm aspects of good leadership. These include promoting positive change, increased group morale and individual employee loyalty. Some of the learning objectives covered include; the historical value of leadership, essential character traits, foundational principles and practical personal applications that can be implemented immediately for enhancement of operational effectiveness and interpersonal relationships.

If you are interested in principle character based leadership for organizational development, if you would like to know the essential steps to identifying, confronting, reducing and eliminating corruption and if your desire is to see the followership and skills of others developed in all areas of society, then a PLI seminar is the right choice. Contact me by phone or email to discuss a training opportunity for your agency, business or group.

Best Regards,

Del Walinga

Executive Director


Vision:  To transform cultures (organizations, communities, nations) by creating and supporting inspirational, trustworthy leaders.

Mission:  To provide ethics training worldwide in character-based, principled leadership.


Robert L VernonPointman Leadership Institute, founded by Robert L. Vernon and operated under the earlier name of The Vernon Group, was originally asked in 1993 to assist police agencies in previous Soviet Block countries. Police executives from these countries wanted to learn how to adapt to a more democratic model of police operation. This included a re-education based on the founding morals, ethics and spiritual concepts that define Western culture.

Seminars were first held in the Czech Republic and in Hungary in 1994. Soon similar seminars were held in Russia, Mongolia, Albania and the Peoples Republic of China. Follow up seminars on other topics were then held in all of the above countries except Albania.

In 1996, an overview of the primary seminar was presented to the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Since then, the seminar has been presented to various police agencies throughout the United States and the world.

Interest in the principle based leadership ethics seminar spread to the corporate world. The ethic principles taught to police, corrections and military leaders were also found to apply to government, business, and virtually all organizations. As a result, PLI has presented seminars to various government parliaments, business professionals, schools, community groups, nonprofit organizations and church leaders. To date there have been over 70 countries and 70,000 leaders served.

Since PLI was established, the mission continues to be that of supporting and encouraging those in leadership and their subordinates with excellent professional training, education, and consulting services. It is the desire of PLI to help create a group of men and women who exemplify positive moral character. PLI seminars define leadership, provide a model for leadership that uses 8 strategic ethics, identifies principles to help leaders develop more dynamic leadership and demonstrates the practical relationship between time tested principles and the maintenance of social order. The efforts of PLI have proven to empower leaders with insight for more effective influence. Employees attending the training have realized a commitment to contribute to a successfully maintained organization as well. This is especially true of agencies and communities being asked to respond in times of crisis.

Why PLI Training Works

PLI training emphasizes internal motivation rather than external compliance.

Pointman seminars initiate a lifelong process transforming leaders at work, in society, and in their homes.

As a result, PLI’s client list includes nations and agencies desiring to develop inspirational, trustworthy leaders and to effectively address corruption.

Global Scope

PLI’s client base is extensive. For a list of countries PLI has served and to get a picture of the widespread global impact PLI has established, click here.

PLI has offices in California, Colorado, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Bolivia.

The PLI Team

Eighty certified instructors reside in 10 countries. Please see the map that shows locations and training.

All Instructors have been certified to instruct the PLI approved leadership course and are subject to the quality assurance standards required by PLI.

Click here to see a listing of your PLI team by region.

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The Point Man


In the military, the Point Man is the person chosen to scout the path ahead.

Point Men are the ones who first spot the enemy and any obstacles.

They are the valiant, the ones who alert the group to danger and possible ambush. They become the first targets and usually take the first “hits” to protect others who are following.

A Point Man gives direction.

Point Men are those responsible for electing the right path for others to follow.


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